There are many middle names that could be used for a boy named Alexander.

Before going into details of all the best Middle Names that go with Alexander, here is some background info for the name Alexander;

What does the name Alexander mean?

– Alexander is a one of the most popular names in many countries across the world, made particularly famous by Alexander the Great, who lived from 356 – 323 BC. The name means ‘the defender of mankind’ in Ancient Greek.

What are the origins of the name Alexander?

– The first instance of the recording of Alexander as a child’s name dates back to the late twelfth century, appearing in ‘Knytlinga Saga’, where it is recorded that Harald Kesja named his son after Alexander the Great. It has remained one of the most popular names in Europe for centuries and was brought to prominence by Alexander the Great nearly two thousand years ago.

What Middle Names go with Alexander?  

  • Alexander Michael – Michael is an English form of the Hebrew name Mikha’el , meaning “who resembles God?” It appears in the Old Testament where it belongs to one of Christ’s ancestors. It was a common name throughout the Christian world in the Middle Ages.
  • Alexander Ahasuerus – In the Old Testament, this is another form of Alexander. More commonly it is known as Xerxes, the name of several kings of Persia. In English speaking countries, it became Ahasuerus, which appears in the Apocrypha as the name of the King of Persia.
  • Alexander Titus – Titus is one of several Roman family names that were derived from places where members of the family lived or came from. It is Latin for “from Xytes.” The Romans used it to denote someone who came from the town of Xytes or one who was a native of the town.
  • Alexander Cornelius – In Roman times, this name was given to those who were born in a city called “Corduba.” Today it is usually spelled as one word, Cordell. Countries such as Spain, Italy and France have all used this as a surname.
  • Alexander Vincent – The name Vincent means “conquering,” making it an excellent choice for a sports fanatic or any other competition lover. St. Vincent was one of the earliest martyred saints.
  • Alexander Nathaniel – Nathaniel means “given by God” in Hebrew and has been borne by several significant characters of the Old Testament such as the prophet who authored the Book of Judges. A notable bearer in modern times is Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of The Scarlet Letter.
  • Alexander David – This name has been used since medieval times and developed from the Hebrew name “Dawid,” a variant of David, meaning “beloved.” Since then it has continued to be a popular choice among parents for a son.
  • Alexander Theodore – This name is a blend of the Greek name “Theodorus,” meaning “gift of god” and the Latin word “Theodore,” from Theodoros, from theo (“god”) and doron (“gift”). It was borne most famously by Saint Theodore of Amasea, a 4th-century Greek soldier who was tortured for his faith.
  • Alexander Henry – This name is of English origin and it has been used since the medieval era. It comes from the Germanic name Heinrich, meaning “home ruler.” Most well known among those with this name are Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, actor Alexander Skarsgard, and Alexander Henry the author.
  • Alexander Robert – The name Robert means “bright” and is of Germanic origin. It was introduced to Britain at the Norman Conquest, becoming very popular by medieval times. A notable bearer in modern times is former U.S. President Robert Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968 at an election victory rally.
  • Alexander Stephen – This name means “defender” and originated in Scotland. A notable bearer was Saint Alexander Severus, who ruled the Roman empire from 222 to 235 AD. His rule coincided with a period of relative peace and prosperity in the empire.
  • Alexander Charles – Charles has its origins in the Germanic name Karl, which is derived from “karal,” meaning “free man.” It was brought to England by the Normans. Charles, also means “man” or “manly.” A notable bearer is Prince Charles, heir apparent to the British throne.
  • Alexander Maxwell – This name has its origins in Scotland and it is derived from Maccuswell (“badger well”). Most likely, the first bearer of it lived in or by a well where badgers resided.
  • Alexander Jonathan – The meaning of this name is uncertain but it was definitely derived from another language. Jonathan, also spelled Jonathon or Jonothan, means “God has given.” A notable bearer in recent times is singer/songwriter Alexander O’Neal (1953).
  • Alexander Philip – This name means “fellow soldier.” It is derived from Philippos, the original Greek meaning of which was “lover of horses” but later on it acquired the sense of “horse-breeder” or simply “horseman.” Alexander III of Macedon was called Alexander the Philhellene because he patronized the Greeks.
  • Alexander Richard – This name means “brave power” from Old German elements ric (“rule”) and hard (“strong”). Richard was originally from a contracted form of Richardus, a Latinized form of Germanic Hrodher. A notable bearer is Alexander Richard Pettyfer, an English actor known for his role in ‘A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.’
  • Alexander Elias – This name derives from the Hebrew Eliazar, meaning “my god is help.” In the bible, this is the name of one of David’s mighty warriors. Another notable bearer was Alexander I of Russia (1777-1825), who reformed and expanded his country during his rule.
  • Alexander George – This name is of Greek origin and it means “defender of men.” It was borne by several kings of Scotland who are also known as Alexander I, II, III, IV, V. Its use in modern times is most likely associated with the popularity of other names ending with ‘-ander’ such as Alexandra or Amanda.

Popularity of Name Alexander

According to the 2010 SSA data, Alexander ranked at #8 as a first name for boys.

There were 1,940 males named Alexander in the 2012 Social Security Administration baby name list and 1,246 girls named Alexandra. In total there were 3,196 babies given either of these names. This number has seen a slight decrease from 2010, which saw 3,577 babies named Alexander.

Comparatively, in 2000 there were 2,890 (2815 male and 475 female) babies given this name. This number has seen a steady increase since then.

It is interesting to note that the year 2000 was also an election year, with Bush and Gore as candidates. Of course, this does not explain why more babies were given the name Alexander than any other candidate names such as Barack or Mitt which ranked at #423 and #951 respectively in 2012 for boys.

Around 19% of babies named Alexander are named after actor Alexander Skarsgard, who played the role of Eric Northman in HBO series True Blood.

Notables Full Names for Alexander

  • Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez – baseball player with a net worth of $300 million as of 2012
  • Alexander Payne – American film director, producer and screenwriter whose films have been nominated four times in the ‘Best Film’ category at the Academy Awards
  • Alexander McQueen – British fashion designer who launched his own label in 1992 and gained fame in the late 1990s for edgy, punk-influenced designs
  • Alexander Berntsen – Norwegian footballer known for playing with Valerenga
  • Alexander Ludwig – Canadian actor best known for his role as Cato in the film adaptation of “The Hunger Games”
  • Alexander L. Kielland – Norwegian civil engineer whose platform, located off the coast of Norway, collapsed killing 123 people
  • Alexander I of Russia – Russian emperor who is considered one of the greatest rulers in Russian history, especially for his liberal reforms that helped transform Russia into a major European power
  • Alexander Hamilton – Founding Father and the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States
  • Theodore Roosevelt “Teddy” Roosevelt – 26th U.S. President, who made a name for himself as a soldier and explorer before entering politics
  • Alexander Rutskoy – one-time acting president of Russia
  • Alexander the Great – Macedonian king who was one of the most successful military commanders in history, conquering much of the known world before his death at age 32
  • Alexander III of Macedon – father of Alexander the Great
  • Alexander McQueen- fashion designer, inspiration behind several songs by Jay-Z including Takeover and A Dream
  • Alexander Nevsky – Russian prince who fought off invaders from the west, earning him the name ‘Nevsky’ which means ‘of the Neva,’ referring to a river in Russia
  • Alexander Harris – British cellist best known for his work with film scores by Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer
  • Alexander Ludwig- Canadian actor best known for his role as Cato in the film adaptation of ‘The Hunger Games’.
  • Alexander Ruterford – American known for being a serial killer
  • Alexander Graham Bell – Scottish-born Canadian inventor who created the telephone; after immigrating to Canada later in life, he became an important figure in Montreal’s education system