Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a daunting task. You want to find something that is both unique and special, but you also don’t want to choose something so unusual that it will be difficult for people to pronounce or spell. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

Let’s make your life easier!

We have already done all the research for you. We went through the list of popular baby names, excluded those not used frequently enough to display data, and ranked what was left according to how popular they are. Then we narrowed down our list even further by choosing only those names that would be both easy to pronounce and easy to spell. We also eliminated names with negative meanings, such as “outcast” or “troublemaker”.

Your baby deserves a perfect name!

It’s quite simple actually – just enter your first name and your baby boy’s date of birth at the top of this page and we’ll do the rest! As soon as we have compiled our list, you can start browsing all the names that are both easy to pronounce and spell. Your baby deserves nothing but the best, so why not give him or her a perfect name?

50 Perfect Names for Baby Boy

  1. Ashton: Popular and commonly used, this name is both vibrant and easy to say. It can also be shortened into a cute nickname like Ash.
  2. Alfred: An old-fashioned name, but surprisingly easy to say out loud.
  3. Adam: This classic Hebrew name is one of the most popular baby boy names in America. Its meaning is “earth” or “of the red earth”.
  4. Bentley: Boys will love the idea of being named after a car brand, and people will love saying it!
  5. Baxter: English in origin, Baxter is the perfect quirky name for your boy.
  6. Blake: Pronounced “blake”, this name has skyrocketed in popularity recently and gained even more exposure thanks to Blake Lively’s baby boy!
  7. Bryson: This Gaelic name means “son of Brice”. It also sounds like a medieval version of the name “Brian”.
  8. Bryant: An English surname with a perfect ring to it.
  9. Brooks: A name that sounds British in origin, Brooks is both easy to say and spell.
  10. Brice: Brice means “speckled” in Old French. It’s an interesting alternative to the more popular Bryce.
  11. Carson: An English surname with a cute, hip sound to it.
  12. Carter: A name that definitely sounds like it could be for a trendy young man in his twenties, not a little baby boy!
  13. Casey: Irish in origin, Casey is a unique and masculine choice for your little one.
  14. Camden: This has been climbing up the popularity charts for years and it seems like it is here to stay.
  15. Cooper: A simple and straightforward name that sounds strong and masculine.
  16. Chase: Pronounced “chase”, this moniker has been gaining popularity for years and looks like it might even climb up into the top 50!
  17. Chaz: An English variation on Charles that originated in America.
  18. Connor: Irish in origin, this name has become popular in the United States over recent years.
  19. Curtis: This English name comes from the Latin word for “courteous one”.
  20. Erin: Boys may not be too keen on this Gaelic name but people love it! It also works well as a nickname.
  21. Grant: Grant is an Old English name meaning “tall”.
  22. Griffin: The perfect moniker for a sporty baby boy. Its origins are in medieval Europe, but it’s very popular today.
  23. Hunter: A top 100 name since 1974, Hunter has been gaining steam over the last decade and looks like it could climb even higher soon.
  24. Ian: Pronounced “ee-an”, this name has been around for many years.
  25. Jaxon: A modern twist on the classic Jackson.
  26. Jayden: This is a popular variation on the more traditional Hayden, but it still sounds masculine enough to give your kid street cred! It also works well as a nickname.
  27. Jax: An English name meaning “Ichad” or “bright”.
  28. Jameson: The perfect name for the James Bond fan in your life, this moniker has skyrocketed over the last decade.
  29. Liam: This Irish favorite is still going strong after all these years. If you want to give your baby a trendy but timeless name, choose Liam.
  30. Logan: This top 100 name has been gaining steam for the last decade and looks like it will keep climbing in popularity.
  31. Lucas: The Latin form of Luke, many people say Lucas is a much cuter sounding franchise than its other moniker.
  32. Mason: An English surname with perfect alliteration!
  33. Matteo: Pronounced “mah-TAY-oh”, this moniker has been climbing the charts lately.
  34. Nolan: English in origin, Nolan means “famous” or “nobly famous”.
  35. Oliver: A top 100 baby name since 1990 and the perfect name for a tiny explorer!
  36. Ryker: This Scandinavian name brings to mind the image of a big, burly man!
  37. Rayce: Pronounced “ray-s”.
  38. Romeo: A Shakespearean classic that is still light and whimsical enough to give your kid a little flair.
  39. Reed: This Old English name means “red hair” and many people say it also sounds like the perfect nature name for a boy.
  40. Reagan: A top 100 baby name that has been gaining in popularity for years, this moniker is sure to be everywhere in the next decade!
  41. Rhett: This moniker is a Southern twist on the more traditional Ralph and Robert.
  42. Sawyer: Pronounced “sau-er”, this name has been gaining steam in recent years.
  43. Shawn: A timeless Irish choice that hasn’t fallen out of fashion yet.
  44. Thomas: A great classic for your classic baby boy. Thomas has been a top 100 baby boy name since 1968.
  45. Zayden: This moniker is #131 on the popularity list and continues to climb rapidly.
  46. Zander: Pronounced “zuh-NAR”, this name has been steadily gaining momentum for decades.
  47. Tristan: An Old French choice that means “tumult”, Tristan is a sound choice for your baby boy.
  48. Wyatt: Meaning “brave in war”, this moniker brings to mind cowboys and gunslingers!
  49. Xavier: Pronounced za-vee-ayr, this name sounds perfect paired with any last name.
  50. Zane: Pronounced “zay-nee”, this moniker is a Z name that has been gaining steam for decades.
  51. Zachary: Pronounced “zac-AAR-ee” and traditionally spelled Zacharie, the perfect moniker to give your baby boy!
  52. Zane: A variation on John that has been climbing in popularity over recent years.